Livestock Equipment/Gates



Ground Mineral Feeder
  • The heaviest ground feeder available
  • 15" high and 38" wide
  • 3 compartments allow for 200lbs of mineral.

Upright Mineral Feeder
  • Beveled hood opening is 28" x 24"
  • Full 360 deegree rotation protects expensive supplements from the elements

Closed Bottom Feeder

Steel shield is welded to the frame allowing it to hold loose hay and silage. Bolt-on leg kit optional

  • 15 feed openings
  • 1 5/8' x 16 gauge
  • 8' diameter
  • Prarie gold powder coated

Bull Feeder

Tapered top limits waste, but still accepts most bale sizes. Hay shield keeps feed in and calves out.

  • 15 feed openings
  • 8.5' diameteer
  • 2" frame & 1 5/8" slant bars x 16 gauge
  • Prarie gold powder coated


Victory Gate

If a gate is ever damaged so that it cannot be used for its intended purpose, we will repair or replace at no charge to you, our customer. If a gate is hit with a loader or backed into with a truck/tractor, that gate has to be damaged to the point that it cannot be used as a gate to hold cattle, sheep, hogs or any other livestock. This is not a scratch or dent cosmetic warranty, it's a pass or fail warranty as to the functionality of the gate.

  • 2" x 1 gauge tubing
  • Patented T-slot latch
  • 36" chain
  • Z-Bar uprights
  • 6 Bars
  • 50" High
  • Prairie gold powder coat
  • Less hinges



Squeeze Chute
  • Includes automatic reset headgate, palp cage, & slick bi-fold alley gate.
  • 84" tall x 38" wide x 11' long (8' squeeze chute - 3' palpation cage)
  • 29" inside width (squeeze down to 12")

Simple operation:

  • One lever for squeeze.
  • One lever for squeeze release
  • One lever for head gate release
  • One rope for rear vertical gate
Squeeze Chute
  • All panels slam latch design
  • Parallel axis sides
  • Full open sides
  • Ribbed checkerplate floor
  • Quick open bottom doors
Palpation Cage
  • Rear vertical slide gate can be on either end of palpation cage
Automatic Headgate
  • Quick open drop bar
  • Quick advance butt bar moves animal gently forward
  • Head gate is spring loaded to absorb shock from cow forward lunge
  • Head gate - auto reset
  • Manual option is available
  • Largest neck doors in the industry 

Complete System

This entire handling system is completely portable! The self-locking, quick-attach hitch makes this system fast and easy to move from remote pastures and yards. Simply remove the wheels and you are ready to work.

Cornerless Crowding Tub

The extra large tub size and catwalk on tub and alley are both standard features. Plus the enclosed sides make cattle feel safe

  • 8 1/2' cornerless
  • 16 ft. long
  • One piece construction for easy setup & strength
  • Triple exit
  • Full Catwalk (standard)
  • 6 ft high tubs sides
  • 2" square tubing construction around tub
  • Formed, ribbed sides
  • Large tub size standard
Adjustable Alleys

After leaving the tub, cattle naturally move towards the light by passing a smooth continuous flow and reducing stress

  • 8 1/2' and 17' lengths
  • Adjusts from 20" to 32" wide
  • Built-in no back
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Full catwalk (standard)
Palpation Cage

Standard on all our chutes. It can be entered from both sides. Plus can be used for sorting animals or blocking the passage while working on the animal in the chute. The palp cage has a floor for comfortable working and doors that lock to keep animal moving into the squeeze

Squeeze Chute

The squeeze chute is designed to accomodate virtually all your cattle from younger cattle to bigger bulls. This equipment is designed to help keep your livestock calmer.

  • Includes automatic reset headgate, palp cage, & slick bi-fold alley gate
  • Total length is 12'
  • Largest neck doors in the industry 
  • Adjusts from 32" to 16"